Harmony Horse Handling Certification Course

Learn the Simple Achievable Friendly Effective (SAFE) Techniques for essential Equine Skills

A two day workshop:

  • For horse owners or people who work with horses to be comfortable with horses, assist with basic/common procedures, and be able to help horses who are struggling in friendly and effective ways.
  • All participants get online access to the same content so you can review later.
  • All participants have an opportunity to take the evaluation at the end of the course at no extra cost to be certified in Harmony Horse Handling.

The course will also be available online in spring 2019. Look for available workshop dates in our upcoming events.

What we will cover:

  • Understanding Horses
    • Their Needs
    • Physical and Mental
  • Respect and Safety
    • Drivelines
      • What are drivelines and quadrants?
      • How to maintain quadrants
  • Calm Connection
    • The “magic” Square exercise
    • Positive reinforcement vs Negative reinforcement vs Punishment
  • The Energy Scale
    • What the energy scale is and how to apply it.
  • Understanding fears and thresholds
    • Learn the boomerang game.
  • Coping with bad behaviours
  • Setting it up for success
  • Essential Skills (how to help the horse that struggles with these tasks)
    • Square
    • Lunging
    • Picking up feet
    • Lowering head
    • Going through squeezes
    • Blanketing
    • Fly mask
    • Equine Care Procedures (getting a needle, giving a syringe, eye medication, etc)

About the Evaluation

The evaluation is meant to test participants on the essential skills and knowledge learnt during the course. The certification can be used as part of a resume or validation of the knowledge and skills learnt at the workshop.

The evaluation includes a written multiple choice test (answering some questions based on the information taught at the workshop) and a practical test (completing some of the skills that are taught at the workshop).

At the end of the evaluation, participants who pass will receive a pdf certificate via email from Harmony Horsemanship Inc. Those who are unsuccessful can book to retest the necessary part of the evaluation with a certified Harmony Horsemanship Instructor.

Employers looking to confirm certification of an individual can contact us at harmonyhorsemanshiptm@gmail.com