Book a Harmony Horsemanship Workshop


There are a variety of workshop topics you can choose from, or you can make a custom workshop.

Some popular workshops include:

  • Become the Centre of your Horse’s Universe – a 5 day workshop which starts participants from scratch with ground work and all 6 calm connection exercises, progressing to ‘create a yes horse’ with all 8 ABCs, and learning how to join up with no tools. On the last two days there are riding portions that learn the calm connection exercises and ABCs while in the saddle. It finishes with some refinement exercises to help the horse have better posture and balance while on the ground. This course is also a requisite for anyone wanting to become a Harmony Horsemanship Instructor.  Currently only Lindsey is available to facilitate this workshop.
  • Harmony Horse Handling – a 2 day workshop that teaches “SAFE” techniques for horse handling. Perfect for horse owners or people who work with horses. We cover how to help a horse calm down, how to lunge, how to help a horse with fearful procedures like needles, having a hoof soaked, etc. At the end of the workshop participants get a certificate for Harmony Horse Handling provided they are able to do the tasks within the workshop competently. Level 3L+ instructors can facilitate this workshop.
  • Harmony Horsemanship 101 – a 2 day workshop that covers some calm connection exercises (on the ground or in the saddle), and some ‘create a yes horse’ content with confidence building or ABCs. Level 3L+ instructors can facilitate this workshop.
  • Building Confidence – a 1 or 2 day workshop that focuses on building confidence by learning touch it, all around game, boomerang, and using calm connection exericses during distractions. Level 3L+ instructors can facilitate this workshop.
  • Tricks and/or Liberty – a 1 or 2 day workshop that helps you have fun with horses by learning some tricks like fetch, lay down, bow, spanish walk, smile, spin, and more. Currently only Lindsey is available to facilitate this workshop.
  • Advanced Liberty – a 5 day intensive course that digs in deep about liberty, passive leadership, working with horses using no tools, and developing a bond at liberty. Currently only Lindsey is available to facilitate this workshop.
  • Balanced riding – a 1 or 2 day workshop focusing on getting in better balance with your horse. Currently Asa Woodman, Esther Johnston, and Lindsey Partridge are available to facilitate this workshop.
  • Understand yourself workshop – a 2 day workshop (or series of three workshops) designed to help us understand our own bodies and how that is affecting our horses. We look at fear, anxiety, stress, and worry – how to help ourselves find a calm alert state and be present for our horses. It models the horse human connection online course. Currently only Asa Woodman is available to teach this course.
  • Custom topics are available, please connect with us or the instructor you are interested in to design a workshop that works for you. Level 3 or higher instructors are able to facilitate workshops.

Choose Your Instructor

When you host a Harmony Horsemanship workshop you can choose your instructor to faciliate the content and be available to answer questions and assist participants.

Click here to view a list of instructors – level 3 or higher can faciliate Harmony Horsemanship workshops. Level 1 and 2 are available for lessons. Harmony Horsemanship founder, Lindsey Partridge, is available to facilitate different topics.


Pricing and Scheduling

  • You have two options for setting up a workshop.
    • Book through Harmony Horsemanship – we will give you access to the most appropriate online course(s) and provide discounts to your participants for online course(s).
    • Book directly with the instructor for a customized workshop – connect directly with instructors by contacting them through the instructors page.
  • Pricing for a workshop with Lindsey is $1000/day with a 25% discount for weekday clinics, and a flat rate of $100-500 for travel depending on your distance from Pontypool, Ontario.

How to Book a Harmony Horsemanship workshop

  • Send us an email to with the date(s), location, topic, and instructor you would like to book. Once we confirm availability, a 10% non refundable deposit will be due to confirm your workshop. The full balance is due 4 weeks prior to the workshop. At that time you will receive access to the online workshop and applicable discount codes for your participants.